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The LOADED RADIO PODCAST is a weekly show that features interviews and talk with some of the biggest names in hard rock and metal as well as entertaining discussions keeping you in the loop on what's happening in heavy music this week.

Sep 15, 2015

On this edition of the Loaded Radio 'IN YER FACE' podcast, Scott Penfold, Johnny Rude and Victoria Bella-Morte talk about the announcement of Black Sabbath's 'THE END' tour and talk about bands who move ahead after swapping out significant members.

Sep 12, 2015

Scott Penfold is joined by Johnny Rude and Victoria Bella-Morte for episode 7 of the 'In Yer Face' Podcast.  On this week's show we discuss a new study that says Metalheads are the most loyal in relationships and somehow we end up on a tangent about Johnny Depp movies.