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The LOADED RADIO PODCAST is a weekly show that features interviews and talk with some of the biggest names in hard rock and metal as well as entertaining discussions keeping you in the loop on what's happening in heavy music this week.

May 30, 2022

This edition of The Loaded Radio Podcast features us in conversation with MISERY INDEX guitarist/vocalist Mark Kloeppel.

MISERY INDEX have the pulverizing new album "Complete Control" out now via Century Media and if the bludgeoning sounds of pure, unadulterated American death metal are what you crave, then this album (and band) are exactly what you need.

Also Loaded Radio's Johnny Rude returns this week in the second portion of the show live from Las Vegas where we discuss the week that was in hard rock and metal.  But mostly we just talk about the recent "Creatures Fest" event in Nashville which featured a handful of former members of the band KISS.