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The LOADED RADIO PODCAST is a weekly show that features interviews and talk with some of the biggest names in hard rock and metal as well as entertaining discussions keeping you in the loop on what's happening in heavy music this week.

Jun 21, 2023

DEVILDRIVER and COAL CHAMBER frontman Dez Fafara joins us on this week's Loaded Radio Podcast

Dez Fafara is a renowned American vocalist and frontman, best known for his work with the California groove-metal band DEVILDRIVER and Nu-Metal stalwarts COAL CHAMBER. Born on May 12, 1966, in Santa Barbara, California, Fafara...

Jun 14, 2023

TYPE O NEGATIVE guitarist Kenny Hickey talks his new band EYE AM while PUPIL SLICER drummer Josh Andrews discusses his group's new album "Blossom" on The Loaded Radio Podcast 

EYE AM, the new band featuring former TYPE O NEGATIVE members Kenny Hickey (guitar/vocals) and Johnny Kelly (drums),along with Kirk Windstein...

Jun 5, 2023

DAVID ELLEFSON joins us on this week's edition of THE LOADED RADIO PODCAST

David Ellefson is a renowned bassist known for his groundbreaking contributions to the heavy metal genre. Rising to prominence as a founding member and bassist of the iconic band MEGADETH, Ellefson's thunderous bass lines have...